imageedit 2 2860655151Marie Von Papen, known for staging exhibitions in unusual spaces, brings her renowned artist roster to the unconventional art space of a neo-classical mansion on the outskirts of London

MVP: London is the latest in a series of innovative art pop-ups, including a former wharf in Copenhagen, an abandoned shipping warehouse in New York, and a former 1930’s office block in Berlin. MVP: London will consist of 80 new works ranging from sculptures to large-scale paintings to immersive installations.

The exhibition will run for one weekend from 16-18 November 2018.

Artists include:

· Ecuadorian painter Pablo Guarderas, whose works are in private and public collections worldwide, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

· Japanese film and installation artist Acci Baba, whose works have been officially selected and exhibited in Contemporary Art institutions and Film Festivals worldwide such as the L.A Film Festival in 2004, the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2010 and is currently showing in Brighton as part of Uncommon Natures at Brighton Digital Festival.

· Russian painter Nikolay Koshelev, nominee for the Dedalus Foundation, New York.

· French installation artist Brunhilde Groult who has had three solo shows in Berlin and uses traditional techniques such as carving, lacquer art, embroidery and silk printing

· Russian painter Konstantin Sotnikov, winner of the Eduard Bargheer Foundation Award.

· German Sculptor Robert Elfgen who has had solo exhibitions at Spruth Magers, Cologne and London in 2008, the Kunstverien Bonn in 2005, and the Sumultanhalle Cologne in 2003.

· German painter Karl-Luis Vossbec who will exhibit his large-scale paintings with Marie Von Papen for the third time.

Marie Von Papen said, “People are always searching for a new experience. Whether it’s a wharf, a desert or a mansion, I believe you can stage an exhibition anywhere, and a new and unexpected location enables the work to be seen anew each time. Wherever you are, art has the ability to change the atmosphere.”

Whereas MVP’s exhibitions normally take place in abandoned or repurposed urban spaces, Windsor Park Hall is a pristine, new build mansion house, positioned within landscaped grounds in Englefield Green, Surrey. It measures about 29,000 sq ft / 2,700 sq m with three stories being used for the exhibition. Windsor Park Hall represents Marie Von Papen’s first exhibition in the UK.