Elite Living Africa is the defining voice of Africa’s ultra wealthy, bringing a sophisticated and mature commentary to the lifestyle of successful business people operating across the continent.

It is the only publication targeted solely at the ultra wealthy working and living across Africa. Its counterpart, African Review, has been Africa’s leading business publication for 50 years, serving business owners from a range of industries including oil & gas, mining, ICT, agriculture and retail.

The exclusive band of Elite Living Africa’s readers are made up from African Review’s database, which has been built up over 50 years. They include Heads of State, leaders from the top 5,000 African enterprises and individuals of a high and ultra-high net worth, including Africa’s 50 wealthiest people.


With an average GDP growth of more than four per cent for the whole continent, total estimated wealth of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) from Africa now exceeds US$2 trillion. This impressive growth is being reflected in sales of luxury goods and services to extremely wealthy Africans, both within the continent and in desirable overseas locations such as London, New York, Paris, Milan and Dubai. Brought to you by a publishing house with an ABC-audited circulation covering 47 African countries, Elite Living Africa is uniquely positioned to offer a targeted solution that will help local and global luxury brands tap into this massively lucrative market.

Print circulation: 20,625 (July 2015)

Total HNWI Wealth in Africa: US$2.83 trillion
Source: Credit Suisse Wealth Data 2014

HNWI population in Africa: 164,000
Source: New World Wealth

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