ed cisseBright and bold, Senegalese artist Soly Cissé’s latest exhibition ‘Men and Lives’ will debut in London’s Sulger-Buel Gallery.

Born in 1969, the Senegal-born artist has carefully crafted his career as a painter, draughtsman and sculptor. Influenced by the vibrant culture of his hometown in Dakar, Cissé uses graphic imagery to create fantastical worlds filled with surrealism, cramped space and total disarray. His work has featured in galleries across the globe, including France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Within ‘Men and Lives’, each picture explores the darker elements of the human experience, embodied with warped faces, deranged silhouettes and startling lack of social interaction between figures. However, Cissé’s playful use of colour provides an undeniable flair to his art, bringing the precariousness of human experience to the forefront with a whirlpool of similar, yet unmerged forms.

Bringing this disharmony to light, Cissé goes so far as to divide some of his canvases in two, providing onlookers with two different perspectives in a manner which is, in equal parts, separate and wholly together.

Soly Cissé’s ‘Men and Lives’ exhibition will open on 6 June, and is set to conclude on August 1.

Sulger-Buel Gallery recently concluded its YMA (Young Moroccan Artists) exhibition, featuring an eclectic collection of different concepts and mediums embracing Moroccan culture and experience. The exhibition featured works by Nafie Ben Krich, El Jadida’s Eliassaa, Belgian-born Nasrine Kheltent, Mohammed Saïd Chair and Rachid Ouhnni, as curated by Salé-born artist Madiha Sebbani.

For more information on Soly Cissé’s ‘Men and Lives’ exhibition, visit the Sulger-Buel Gallery website.