auction chChiswick Auctions has put together a collection of limited edition at the upcoming wine and spirits sale at Chiswick Auctions on 11 June 2019

Chiswick Auctions are now offering wines of guaranteed provenance, sourced by its team of experts, direct from the winemakers themselves.

This exciting new angle of proactive lot sourcing pairs nicely with Chiswick Auctions’ established personal cellar management services and further dovetails nicely within the new team, to hopefully offer an exciting, fresh and thoroughly modern wine and spirits auction package.

Lot 311 and 312: A 6 bottle vertical collection of Charles Heidsieck, Blanc des Millénaires Crayeres

Founded in 1851 by Charles-Camille Heidsieck, the original ‘Champagne Charlie’, the foundation of its modern fame rests on the unrivalled quality of its wines, which receive countless awards and accolades year after year.

The masterpiece from Charles Heidsieck is the Blanc des Millénaires. Around five vintages of this rare cuvée have been produced and are showcased in this presentation case alongside the exquisite 1982 Blanc de Blancs. The year 2004 has been described by Cyril Brun as “fabulously fresh and already offering the beautiful colour, long finish and silky texture so characteristic of this cuvée, as legendary as the celebrated founder of the House,” and the vertical vintages of 1995, 1990, 1985, 1983 and 1982 Blanc de Blancs prove the wine's exceptional longevity.

Lot 340-342: Pertois-Moriset 'PM.01' Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru NV

The Champagne 'PM.01' by Pertois-Moriset, their top Cuvee made only when the wine and the vintages are good enough, is a Blanc de Blancs comprised of 100 per cent Chardonnay from vineyards classified as Grand Cru owned by the family in the Côte des Blancs. This super limited edition (numbering 2,983 in total) is the result of 85 per cent of the year 2014, with the remaining 15 per cent made up of reserve wines.

Lot 108: Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1945

Declared by Decanter magazine as a wine legend the 1945 vintage is famous for its longevity and permanence. At the time, the chateau had been used as a German military base and the vineyard hadn’t been tended to by Baron Philippe during the war as he had sought refuge in England, fearing he would be interned or executed as a Jew.

Labelled R.C. indicating it was either Reserve du Chateau, kept by the chateau in their own cellar, or the label was replaced when the bottle was recorked for the owner, at which point the wine would have been tested for faults and topped up from reserve stock at the chateau.

Lot 274: Six Bottle vertical vintage of Shiraz 'The Armagh' Jim Barry

The Armagh' is notable as one of Australia's top Shiraz and is the pick of the Jim Barry range.

The Jim Barry philosophy is to locate vineyards capable of producing exceptional quality fruit and then to retain all of that quality in the winemaking process. These top wines can be drunk on release, but it’s fair to say that all have considerable development potential over many years in bottle.

Lot 393: Glenlivet 1946

This incredibly rare Glenlivet 1946 is a whisky produced while Barley was still rationed after WWII. A small quantity was allowed to be produced to try and bolster the economy via export, and some managed to make it in the barrel all the way to the 1990s.