ed bennuSince 2015, African artist Bennu has been contemplating the big questions of love, life and purpose through the medium of abstract paintings.

Taking to the canvas with a blend of extravagant shapes and an African flair for bold colours, Beunnu has managed to create an extensive back catalogue of paintings during his four-years on the art circuit.

"Being an artist is a self study, I have to know myself before I can draw inspiration from my environment,” the artist remarked.

“When I paint, I want my paintings to hold sentimental values and have philosophical depth; even my name Bennu represents the Mythical Egyptian bird, inspired by the Phoenix and linked closely with the sun, creation & rebirth," he continued.

Though bold and garish, Bennu’s work has been deemed as an ode to life, with thin lines and playful themes fo space and the unknown showcasing the artist’s unfiltered imagination, as told with the help of a combination of oil and acrylic paints.

However, it’s not all good vibes for the African painter. As signposted by pieces such as ‘Thunderstorm time. Hidden World: Sky, Mountain, Waterfall, Field, and Unknown Entities’ and his recent work ‘Carried away by the sea. Immigrants. Last hope’, there’s much more to Bennu than simply blind optimism. The artist’s now extensive portfolio strives to pick apart themes of love and anger, sincerity and suffering, all within the space of a wall-sized canvas. WHile each piece holds its own as an ode to human emotion, it's the bigger picture of Bennu’s exhibitions which brings the complexity of life as a whole to the forefront/

Echoing the words of Indian artist Akbar Padamsee, "You need the mind of a mathematician and a poet to be a painter." With this comes the meticulous tightrope of shapes and hues which make up Bennu’s work. Opting to steer clear of replicating works, each piece in the artist’s repertoire is completely original in nature, signed off with Bennu’s number and signature for good measure.

For more information, visit Bennu’s website.