ed man2Encapsulating human emotion through his meticulous use of metal chain, Korean artist Young-Deok Seo’s LINK collection has touched down in Geneva for an exhibition in MB&F’s weird and wonderful M.A.D (Mechanical Art Devices) Gallery.

“It is my intention to feel what the audience sees, to reveal emotions directly without avoiding them,” began Young-Deok. Brazen and raw, the five-piece collection explores bliss, disruption and all the intricacies in between through 3-D silhouettes of the human form, speaking volumes with its use of physical expression, as well as (in some cases) its complete negation of faces.

Discussing the creative process behind the collection, he explained, “One day, I came across a pile of metal chain dumped on the street. It seemed a machine-like thing wriggling as if it had life.

“I felt like I was looking at a jerking human being lying on the street. At that moment, I thought I might make a human body with this chain, which might be the best material to describe entangled lives of contemporaries. So I started to learn welding techniques and tried to apply them to my artistic work.”

Inspired by the humblest of unnatural surroundings, Young-Deok went on to create a series of works in keeping with the relationship between the human spirit and today’s post-Fordist, industrial economy.

A modern retelling of a classic sculpture, ‘The Thinker 300’ (limited to eight pieces) mimics the poised male figure of Auguste Rodin’s iconic work, seeming contemplating the world’s problems with his chin resting on his hand. Boasting a price tag of $30,314, this is the largest sculpture in Young-Deik’s collection.

Likewise, Young-Diek’s oversized ‘Meditation 130’ is a contemplation on peace. A male face rests, his eyes closed and mouth pursed, the sculpture is selling for $32,302 and is limited to ten pieces.

In similar gest, ‘Nirvana 37’ encapsulates the Buddhist doctrine of ‘perfect happiness’, instilling a sense of perfect stillness in the form of a female head made from stainless steel chain. Limited to 20 pieces, ‘Nirvana 37’ is priced at $8,448.

However, its antithesis, ‘Anguish 23’ features twisting and intertwining metal chain links, pieced together to form a faceless head. Limited to eight pieces, the illusive piece is selling for $12,920.

On the other hand, ‘Meditation 285’ is crafted with rusted iron bike chains to give an aged effect, with its muse elegantly outstretched in a half-kneeling position. Curiously, the sculpture has not been given a face, bringing the emotional motivations behind the work itself into question. The sculpture is limited to ten people and is selling for $33,296.

For more information, visit the M.A.D Gallery website.