fWz4ZsSQCt9W3HC7rsA7 Foiler1 1920x1080The new 2020 FOILER Yacht features upgrades such as a forward cockpit and a revolutionary joystick, meaning that yachters can now feel as if they're flying above the water.

The new joystick creates a unique and distinctive driving experience, effortlessly overtaking conventional powerboats, while they are slamming and rolling in the waves. From the traditional driving console, with its wheel and throttle, you can choose to activate the joystick installed by the foredeck seats to control the speed and direction of the FOILER. Pushing forward or puling back adjusts the speed of the FOILER from a standstill up to 40 knots, tilting to erither side controls its direction.

The flying experience is made possible by the yacht's four hydrofoils, they are like wings in the water, rising 5 metres above the water as soon as it reaches a speed of 18 knots.

Like all high-end yachts, the FOILER is fully customisable, and fully built on carbon fibre.

The FOILER will be on display at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show in October.