Charlize theron elite living africa

In an exclusive interview with Elite Living Africa, Charlize Theron talks about an extraordinary past and an exciting future

Charlize Theron is in pensive mood. “My greatest fear…” she ponders. “Well, I suppose that would have to be seeing my life up on the screen.

"I’ve said it before, but my greatest dread is to be at an event like, say, the Cannes Film Festival and there are all these important people gathered together to watch ‘The Charlize Theron Story’. I’m sure for some people that’s their dream, but for me, that’s the stuff of nightmares.”

"It’s easy to understand why the actress might prefer that her story not be turned into a big-budget biopic. But while the most remarkable thing about Charlize Theron’s past – that her mother shot and killed her abusive alcoholic father in self-defence – could easily have defined her life, it says much for this proud daughter of Benoni that the childhood tragedy is more an unfortunate footnote than a life-defining incident."

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