Parfums Elite living africaMartine Micallef has launched its new fragrance collection, 'Secrets of love' 

In this collection, Martine has created a selection of exquisite fragrances in perfume bottles decorated with fine lines, "assembled like little cages of love," and which feature a luxurious finish.

Every scent in the collection embodies the meaning of love in different ways: an elegant attitude be glamour, an intense feeling be sensual, through a world of happiness, for epicureans be gourmet and for romantic couples experience passion. The M. Micallef brand is now a signature in the world of high end luxury perfumes.

Famed for its perfumes crafted in the finest French artisanal tradition and with almost 900 retail outlets in 60 countries, Perfumes M. Micallef creates bejeweled collections decorated by hand with exceptional fragrances using the finest and most valuable ingredients.