ed LUC9714Created back in 1954, the yacht builders at OTAM are revolutionising the maritime market in favour of specialised “one off” projects.

Under the slogan ‘Made in Italy one off’ (a phrase the brand adopted to encompass its focus on research, flexibility, design, performance and efficiency), OTAM has opted to focus on customer satisfaction with the construction of its latest range of bespoke yachts. Ditching mass-made models in favour of completely unique high performance luxury crafts, OTAM plans to exceed expectations by allowing customers full freedom to create the boat of their dreams, to their own specifications.

A huge factor of the brand’s niche position the market is its relationship with the Organizzazione Tigullio Assistenza Motoscafi shipyard (shortened to create OTAM). One of the first shipyards created in the region of Liguria, northwest Italy, OTAM has been at work in the shipyard for over 65 years and is currently building a range of new models which have already been sold to high-end customers across the globe. With each ships interior managed by Parisian firm JDA Architecture, OTAM hopes to provide a unique powerboating experience to customers with cutting-edge technology and Italian craftsmanship.

That’s not all OTAM have in the pipeline for 2019: the powerboating company has remained tight-lipped about this year’s ‘Top Secret Project’, giving away few details about its illusive endeavour. However, the company has revealed the venture has already been sold and will be made public in the near future.

For more information about personalised crafts visit the OTAM website.