ed renpopSans Tabù puts a modern twist on classic design with its Renaissance Pop home linen collection.

Decorated with a regal range of animals typical of Renaissance imagery (such as lions, birds and mythical beasts), Sans Tabù's collection adds dramatic bursts of colour to traditional Italian artwork for a dreamy, awe-inspiring range of creature comforts.

For example, Sans Tabù's Pillow Pop of Arms in Cotton Velvet White features a mythical sea lion, hummingbirds and angels holding snakes for a surreal, elegant pillow destined to turn heads, selling for $201.87. In fact, the sea lion plays a huge part in Sans Tabù's Renaissance Pop collection, with the Monster Jacquard Blanket in Super Fine Merino Carminio featuring the mythical creature against a stark dark-red background. Embellished with a double-face weaving technique and a charcoal grey melange, Sans Tabù suggests styling the article (priced at $474.63) with pillows to make a cosy corner in your living room, or fashioning your new favourite blanket into a showstopping cape.

Brimming with colour, the Light Quilt Aristo Pop in Cotton Velvet Lobster channels Italian design with the classic combination of birds and planets, framed around a picturesque water feature. Priced at $1012.86, the Italian brand suggests pairing with peacock tone as a calming colour combination in your home.

The designs are inspired by the rooms of the Ducal Palace of Urbino, built for Federico da Mentefeltro to promote the success of his family, military career, as well as his stature as a man of the Renaissance. Decorated largely by experts from Florence and Lombardy, the stunning palace featured a throne room, a library of illuminated manuscripts and a Chapel of Forgiveness. The building, referred to at the time as a 'town in the shape of a palace' for its size, is now home to the National Gallery of Marche, containing a vast collection of Renaissance paintings.

For more information on the Renaissance Pop collection, visit the Sans Tabù website.