ed mystic incenseThe fragrance connoisseurs at The Merchant of Venice have revealed the launch of three new fragrances to add a burst of flavour to your style in 2019.

Created by the Vidal family, who have been involved in the Venetian arts scene for over a century, The Merchant of Venice has been inspired by the international trade of the city’s bustling harbours. Through the use of raw materials, the fragrance house has endeavoured to emulate Northern Italy’s reputation as a prestigious culture hub.

First off, The Merchant of Venice is exciting fragrance fans with the launch of Andalusian Soul. Characterised by fresh acacia, vanilla, amber, citrus and a hint of rum, this exotic aroma is the perfect way to spice up your life without changing your wardrobe.

Similarly, Mystic Incense channels the meditative aroma of incense (an oily resin exuded by the Boswellia plants, typical of the Arabian Peninsula and Africa). The Merchant of Venice’s fragrance contains notes of musky wood and cocoa for a warm, balmy scent to keep you feeling zen throughout the day.

On the other hand, The Merchant of Venice’s masculine collection ‘Nobil Homo’ welcomes the launch of Venetian Blue Intense. Blending a smoky base with birch, french spices, lemon and bergamot, the fragrance channels the rambunctious spirit of a man on the cusp of adventure.

Andalusian Soul and Mystic Incense will soon be available from The Merchant of Venice’s website, priced at $106 per 50ml bottle or $159 per 100ml bottle. Similarly, Venetian Blue Intense will sell for $219 per 100ml bottle, with the fragrance's release date yet to be confirmed.

For more information, visit The Merchant of Venice’s website.