960x480Design Disrupters has unveiled their collection the UÑA side table in red onyx.

Designed by Mexican design studio Nomade Atelier, the side table is inspired by Greek mythology: the story of Cupid cutting the divine claws of Venus with an arrow whilst she slept.

The Greek word onyx, means ‘claw’ or ‘fingernail’ as its numerous veins resemble the colours of a fingernail.

There were two kinds of arrow tips, lead and gold. The Gods of destiny turned them into stone, so that no part of the body would ever die

The interconnecting design balancing two onyx elements float between a silhouette of brass and black metal (the arrow tips).

The multi red Onyx is a dramatic polished stone of reds and golds, with light white and cream fleck accents and is a semi-precious stone, thus promoting strength in times of stress and confusion.