EliteLivingAfrica DozzyCouture menfashionInspired by his African roots, fast-rising Nigerian fashion designer Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne set up Dozzy Couture to supply tailor-made men’s clothes that combine modern styles with African fabrics and designs. Dozzy is a member of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria.

“Dozzy Couture exists only to clothe you to perfection. We have clothed lots of company CEOs and executives, National Assembly members, entertainers and business owners. In over 10 years of designing staple pieces for the alpha male, we have realised that clothes don’t make a man, but they go a long way in giving an impression about the man,” said Dozzy Couture.

Customers can order from a catalogue of native pieces that includes formal, casual, official and sophisticated clothing. Items such as the Senator Attire, kaftans and Etibor-Niger Delta jumper and trousers are then tailor-made to an individual’s own measurements. The focus is on convenience, with customers able to send their measurements via a sizing page on the website, and the company organises delivery of the completed pieces.

For more information go to: www.dozzycouture.com