messika elite living africaValérie Messika has unveiled six new creations inspired by the home of the Snow Queen

The pear cut, traditionally a round and indulgent shape, takes on a new power and strength to pay homage to the heroine of this fairy tale. The pear cut is a work of art that fitles like a coat of ice with gorgeous movement, thanks to its special stacking technique.

A more minimalist version of the larger single earcuff is offered in the form of a Diamond Whirl mini hooped earring using pear-cut diamonds. The designer will deliver a matching pair, adorning a woman’s facial features with two miniature spirals of starlight. The piece presents 32 pear cut diamonds from 0,10ct to 0,48ct for 4,9ct. 

An elegant collier crafted in delicate pear-cut stones gives the illusion of a whirling, blizzard-like composition of free-moving pear cut diamonds, it is perfectly positioned on a diamond thread enhanced with the technical elasticity of the Skinny range. The piece whirls around the neck, creating hypnotising pear cuts that ripple and glitter in the light.


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