AVANTIST ELAFounding watch brand Avantist in 2015 - Bruneian Keeran Janin continues to cultivate his entrepreneurial drive.

For Keeran,"watches in one sense, are a tool to tell the time but for my watches they are more about the way they make you feel, wearing a great watch can inspire a person to achieve amazing things.

Keeran's goal of building a watch company meant two years of immersing himself into the Swiss watchmaking industry, developing the best team and designing a beautiful, rare timepiece that would last generations. With the inspiring stories of iconic brand ambassadors woven into Avantist Watches, Keeran and his team search for pivotal moments in history that can be integrated into the brand's unique identity.;

Outside of Avantist, Keeran serves on the board of DARe-Darussalam Enterprise, helping towards their mission of creating a thriving environment for Bruneian small and medium enterprises. He also actively mentors young entrepeneurs and start-up companies.