watches elite living africaFrederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture. (Fredrique Constant)Frederique Constant has launched Hybrid Manufacture a smartwatch that combines a mechanical movement with a  fitness tracker and connected watch

Frederique Constant brand has used innovative 21st century techniques to design  the new Hybrid Manufacture, combining Swiss Made fine Mechanical watchmaking with Smartwatch functionality.

The brand combines three unique technologies ever in Swiss watchmaking: manufacture, smart watch functions and caliber analytics.

"We were the first Swiss Watch Manufacturer to introduce the Horological Smart Watch in 2015. Now, we are the first to combine a Manufacture Mechanical Caliber with Smartwatch functionality," says Frederique Constant CEO Peter Stas.

The Hybrid Manufacture FC-750 caliber is in-house developed, in-house produced and in-house assembled. The caliber is patented.

The mechanical part of the FC-750 is an in-house automatic caliber with date, set by the crown at 3 o’clock and it has a 42 hour power reserve.

The electronic part of the FC-750 is also in-house developed, in-house produced and in-house assembled by the Brand. This electronic part of the caliber enables the Smart Functions of the Hybrid Manufacture watch.

The connection between the watch and the Hybrid Manufacture App is done by the pusher button located on the left side of the watch case. It enables activity tracking: define your objective (# of steps per day) and track your step counting. The sleep monitoring features allows users to identify sleep patterns.

Inside the caliber, features a proprietary Caliber Analytics functionality, an Algorithm to measure Rate, Amplitude and Beat error. Results are communicated to the Hybrid App via Bluetooth and can be seen in the form of graphs over time. 

Once per day at 4.00am, the watch analyzes automatically (no requested action from the user) the health of the mechanical movement. Inside the caliber we analyze the oscillations of the movement with a sophisticated Algorithm. The results are displayed in the app and if it appears that the mechanical caliber has an issue, we will inform the customers via both the App and via the Cloud.