lurssen elite living africaLurssen has secured a contract to manufacture a 54-metre yacht, with the project set to be delivered in Spring 2021

Project 13800 features four decks, with lots of exterior deck spaces allowing for multiple entertaining areas for the owner and their family. The interior features intricate details with custom furniture design by Pollaro. 

“We are really excited to rekindle our long-standing relationship with Lürssen to work on the first interior and exterior collaboration since Coral Island in 1994.

"Project 13800 marks an important step into a new market segment for both Bannenberg & Rowell and Lürssen and we greatly look forward to her launch in spring 2021”, states Dickie Bannenberg.

Lurssen is currently actively targeting projects between 50-60 metres and the successful completion of Project 13800 is a first step in reestablishing the brand as a serious proposition for yachts in that size bracket. 

Peter Lürssen, managing partner, stated: “While we are very grateful for the success of our large builds, it is essential not to forget that our core business must be between 50 to 80 metres. Although the preconception is that Lürssen only builds large yachts, we have delivered a considerable number of smaller vessels over the last 15 years, including 29 under 90-metre. Over the same period, we have delivered 15 yachts above 90 metres.”

“As long as it is a bespoke yacht, Lürssen is the right shipyard. As a result of our enhanced activities in this size bracket we are today engaging with many clients.” Peter Lürssen added.