Lets Sea Relaxing Sun Bath Area The Let’s Sea Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort holds a strong sense of responsibility to sustain and be a leader in luxury eco-travel

With thoughtful design and service, the standalone boutique hotel believes holidaymakers never take a break from their environmental concerns and proudly holds the accolade of a Gold Class Award for Green Accommodation from the Ministry of Natural Resources with a long-term commitment that goes beyond minimising the daily laundering of towels.

Understanding that it’s what behind the scenes that really matters, the resort is committed to its green ethos with an entirely local staff portfolio, an eco-architectural design that minimises the overall environmental impact and locally sourced produce that celebrates its locality.

With a particular focus on waste management, each newly renovated detail of the hotel has been carefully considered. Glass water bottles and in-room toiletries are non-branded to avoid superfluous packaging and avoid more than 200 plastic water bottles being disposed of each day with newspapers placed within communal areas to encourage multi-use.

Having evolved from an intimate beachfront eatery to the recently renovated boutique hotel it is today, food is at the heart and soul of Let’s Sea Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort. As a way of reducing its carbon footprint associated with transportation and freezing, the resort has a cap on what it buys and will only order products that will be used within the kitchen with close partnerships with preferred eco-friendly producers and local farmers.