lursenOn 16 July 2019, Madsummer has left the Lürssen shipyard – 10 days after her official delivery and 12 weeks ahead of schedule

Peter Lürssen commented, “The Owner’s brief was demanding, however, we believe our engineering expertise has surpassed his wishes to own a yacht that many years from now will be timeless and yet still ahead of its time.”

“Our thanks go, of course, to good design and communications with the designers of the exterior, Harrison Eidsgaard and Laura Sessa respectively for the interior as well as to Moran Yacht & Ship and the owner's captain who supervised the build on behalf of the Owner.”

The Owner’s captain and Moran Yacht & Ship supervised the project and brought in their vast spectrum of experience and consolidated knowledge.

Moran confirmed, “We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the owner of Madsummer on the delivery of his new vessel. Additionally, we would like to thank the workers of the Lürssen shipyard, as well as the design and build team on this tremendous accomplishment. It was a pleasure working once again with this remarkable team to deliver Madsummer within budget and well ahead of schedule.”