VisionnaireVisionnaire's unique designs and aristocratic flair offers a “total concept” solution offering services for residential, business, contract and yachts - creating customised interior spaces to fit a customer’s personal needs, style and taste

Offering a number of indoor and outdoor furniture and lifestyle offerings, Visionnaire's tailor-made projects, crafted according to consumers’ specific needs, making it the ideal partner in projects for private dwellings as well as luxury contract proposals.

“Luxury, style and quality are core values within the Visionnaire brand philosophy,” says Eleonore Cavalli, Visionnaire’s creative director and communications. “Our made-in-Italy brand has grown beyond simple furnishings to providing bespoke furnishing solutions for consumer projects.”

Visionnaire’s interior designs are not strictly linked to the product, but linked to a way of living and takes into account how the furniture will suit the owner's lifestyle. Uniqueness, modern style and a vocation for Made in Italy are things that are at the heart of the Visionnaire brand. 

Having worked on a number of key interior design projects, Visionnaire has designed private dream homes as well as public spaces such as hotels, restaurants and luxurious clubs, covering all living areas including wellness rooms, food rooms and outdoor areas.