New Mercedes SL April 2016Ever since its launch in 1954, each new Mercedes-Benz SL model has been a much-anticipated automotive event.

Mercedes-Benz will open the order books for the latest incarnation of the SL at the start of 2016 with the first cars available to customers from April 2016.

A design classic, the new Mercedes SL has a completely updated bonnet, bumper and lights. The aggressive design, with a long bonnet, touches of chrome, diamond-mesh grille and generously proportioned lights at the front and back, follows on from the muscle-car styling incorporated in the most recent SL models.

Inside, the new Mercedes SL is a festival of plush leather and carbon fibre and there is plenty of new kit to maintain its reputation as a luxury car that is also a practical daily driver. The sunroof can be operated at speeds of up to 40 km/h, it has an efficient nine-speed gearbox as standard and a selection of engines. The SL 400 has a V6, the SL 500 has a V8, and there are two Mercedes-AMG models. For tamer thrills, the SL 63 is powered by a V6, and the SL 65 boasts a V12 engine, for those who make power their priority.