kilianKilian Hennessy celebrates ten years of redefining the art of modern perfumery and invites us into a new Golden Age

'Klimt is the authority when it comes to gold artwork, gold leaf, says master perfumer Kilian. The universe he created full of seduction and opulence represents ‘a cultural reference, a touchstone – more than just decoration.’

“It doesn’t interest me to provoke just to provoke. I need artistic reasoning,” he says. “The idea was to play on the contrasts between shadown and light, to express that we are all made of good and bad – but within light and dark there are a myriad of facets. I wanted to achieve this duality with perfume.” 

Kilian has launched two new fragrances, each of which experiments with dualties: darkness and light, feminity and masculinity, modernity and proud tradition.

“I wanted to mark this milestone with something unexpected. Something out of the norm, where I would be able to take inspiration from fine art and translate it into the world of perfume.” 

The new collection is available from 15 September 2017