lamboOn a mission to bring driving gloves back to world of high fashion, Collezione Automobili Lamborghini has launched a collection of luxury driving gloves in partnership with designer Gizelle Renee

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, the luxury sports car tycoons announced their collaboration with 2018’s British glover of the year Gizelle Renee to create six uniquely crafted male and female driving gloves.

Announced under the hashtag #GloveYourRide, each hand-made glove has been inspired by the unique contrasting tones of the Lamborghini’s world-famous Italian sports cars. Created using Nappa leather, the gloves incorporate cuts from the car’s classic interior for a true homage to the celebrated Italian brand.

In a bid to further the connection between drivers with their machines, all gloves are embellished with the carbon fibre used in Lamborghini cars and, to top it all off, a strategically placed Batwing fastener is dead giveaway of the glove’s status as part of the iconic Lamborghini franchise.

As with many sports cars, this is not Lamborghini’s first venture into the fashion world - the brand also has its own online store, selling clothes and luxury memorabilia for driving enthusiasts and model car collectors alike.

Likewise, Gizelle Renee has also previously collaborated with other brands to bring new life to the glove industry. The British designer recently worked alongside Placebo bassist Stefan Olsdal to produce a pride-themed pair of fingerless gloves inspired by Gilbert Baker’s rainbow flag.

Lamborghini’s driving gloves in partnership with Gizelle Renee are available from September, with prices starting at $163.