Bentley bag Elite living africaBentley Collections launches its new capsule collection, 'iconic classics'

The Continental GT, named one of the most iconic cars of the 21st century, has inspired the new collection which features luxury apparel and accessories for both men and women.

Bentley detailing is can be seen in the design from the cut of the matrix grille lining and the shape of a Bentley dashboard. Signature twinned joints and hanging loop that have been cross-stitched by hand – reflects the same stitching that can be found on Bentley steering wheels.

The Bentley branding featured on the bag is delicate and subtle and fits well with the Bentley brand. 

"When starting the design process for the leather jackets we wanted to complement the lifestyle of our customers," said Karin Schilcher, director licensing and branding at Bentley Motors.

"For ladies, that meant an item that could be worn from day to night, over a white blouse and jeans or a black evening dress, ensuring versatility."