tabbah webLebanese jewellery line, Tabbah, has launched a Phoenecian-inspired collection of gold medallion necklaces, to be worn as precious talismans.

Inspired by their rich heritage, Tabbah introduces a new capsule collection with four different medallions, featuring a bee, a lion, an eagle and a flower. The new pieces are inspired by the Temple of Jupiter in Lebanon, where the brand was founded five generations ago. Handcrafted in 18k yellow gold in different sizes, the medallions are a renovated classic that will not disappoint.

Each necklace can be worn alone, or can be layered. 

Founded in 1862, Tabbah is one of the world's oldest family-owned jewellery houses. The independence enables it to make unemcumbered decisions that remain true to the Tabbah vision. Tabbah is in total control of the creative freedom of the brand, as well as the entire manufacturing process: designing, crafting, goldsmithery, polishing and re-cutting.