Luulu gold elite living africaThe cot is made from the same leather as the seats of Maserati supercars. (Photo: Lulu)Luulu beds, developed by Marta Buzalska and Dariusz Panczyk will make its Middle Eastern debut at the INDEX exhibition being held in Dubai between 26-29 March

The four-day interior design event will showcase the $60,000 golden crib designed for the super-rich. Baby’s cot is designed to mimic the womb and is gold-plated encrusted with diamonds.

"We came up with the idea while walking around Gdynia Marina, observing the exclusive yachts in the docks, while awaiting the birth of our baby boy Franek, and looking for an ideal cot. There were plenty of beautiful baby beds on the market, yet all of them were of the classic type. We wanted to have something exceptional, almost like the yachts themselves: a bed that would provide our sweetheart with security while looking good in our modern home,” says Luulu co-owner Marta.

The cot, which took 200,000 man hours to plate, features a soft interior shell lined with the same leather as the seats of Maserati supercars.

She adds: “Once we had the logistical side sorted, we focused on its decoration. Not only did we want to make it a beautiful space for a child, but we wanted a piece of furniture that would draw the attention of all who see it. With that in mind, we decided to dress it in exceptional materials." 

“Its interior is the finest quality leather imported from Italy, more commonly found inside Maserati cars. The quilted interior is seasoned with Swarovski diamonds to look like the stars in the sky, while the mattress itself is flexible, totally natural, ecologic and hyperallergic, and was made according to all binding standards and attestations.”